I’ve been reading Amiga Documents,

Could it be that as it morphed from Amiga, Inc. I to Amiga, Inc. III, the “Amiga” facade was used to protect something that had less to do with products and community, and more with some type of financial operations? 1.6 From $100 to $86,956,522: “Amiga” as in… “Friendly” Investors?

Could it be that by 2004 a noisy Amiga community, with its colored web sites, its fanatical discussion forums and its charming Mr. Bill McEwen had become the perfect facade for matters that had to do more with “friendship” than with technology, in a world where nobody really cared about the difference between Amiga OS and Amiga DE? 1.7 Tapul

if you had an $87M business to run, who would you put in charge? Would you leave him there for 10 years? On the other hand, if it wasn’t a true business, but an $87M “fraud”, who might be a good public man for the job? 1.16 Mr. Bill McEwen

Amiga inc seams like a front to a shell corpation, Bill McEwen looks like the current figurehead.

missed Opportunities

Amiga DE (“Digital Environment”) / Amiga Anywhere (“AA”)

  • it could have been a java1/flash beater :(
  • it could be were Android is today :(


  • X86 native amiga, why not, we have AROS now