• I bought battlezone in the late 1990s or early 2000s it was in a DVD case for about AU$10
  • I was able to get to Venus12

Battlezone II

  • I dont remeber when I bought BZII, I think it was in a DVD case for AU$10
  • the graphics were a lot better, but the first three levels of the campagain sucked3
  • I would play Intenat action most of the time

Scion IA:

  • I was able to win once or twice on hard, until something changed ( bug??? )4
  1. After watching a let’s play of battlezone, I realized I had screwed myself on the last Mars mission, by not distorying the CCA base 

  2. It also seams that not all the start units are not suplyed if you fail the perous mission 

  3. I did get to the fork in the campagain, tryed the Scion’s first mission, gave up 

  4. i dont know how the AI plays the Scion, cheats?